WOOF_Image :: border( Arguments $attr = array() )


  • WOOF_Image A new image object representing the image with border applied.

Generates a solid color border around the image.

Given the following unprocessed image:


The example code produces the images below:



  • Arguments $attr = array()

    An arguments string or array which supports the following parameters:

    • width (or w) – the width of the border in pixels – default 1
    • mode – supports 2 modes: o (for “outset”) will expand the image’s dimensions to accommodate the border, and i (for “inset”) will downsize the original image to accommodate the border so that the overall dimensions are the same. default “o”.
    • color – a 3 or 6 length hex string describing the color to use (3-length uses the same repeating convention as CSS), with or without hash – default “FFF”
    • extension – the output extension to use, which also defines the output file type. This can be either “png”, “gif”, “jpeg”, or “jpg”, and if not set, the source image type will be used. default – not set
    • alpha – whether to save alpha information for PNGs – default true
    • prefix – a prefix to prepend to the cached output file name – default ”
    • suffix – a suffix to append to the end of the cached output file name – default ”
    • maxlength – the maximum length the output file name (sans-extension) can be before it will be replaced with the original filename followed by an md5 hash of all of the manipulations thus far. default – 72

    Note that the maxlength param can be important as chaining multiple filters or resizes together can result in very long file names for the cached images.

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